Gravity Forms CSS Code Repository

Just collecting the best CSS codes available for Gravity Forms styling and performance.

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    How to display a gravity form inside your website?

    Add a form of Gravity Forms to your website in HTML.

    Step 1: Create the form and grab the ID from the form manager (The ID is a number). Then you can add it to any HTML block inside your WordPress website,


    • Add the shortcode, for Gravity forms, the embed code and it would look be something like this, 
    • Change the ID for your own.


    How to disable the "submit" button on Gravity Forms?

    Just add this code to your CSS styler, CHANGE THE "20" FOR YOUR OWN FORM ID

    How to disable Mailchimp Double Opt-In?

    Add it to functions.php if you need to disable the double opt-in feature from MailChimp mail service.

    How to change the background color of your input text field for Gravity Forms?

    If you also hate form input fields that look white use this code to make them darker.

    How to remove the footer white space at the end of a form in Gravity Forms?

    Reduce the padding or white space at the footer of your form. Change "10" for your form ID number.

    How to reduce the padding on Gravity Forms inputs?

    Reduce the padding between each input. Very useful for mobile forms.